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Shangri La Batumi’s contribution to the brand’s gaming empire

Without any doubt, the gambling industry around the world continues its renaissance. It is difficult to fool real gambling connoisseurs today. Therefore, it is no coincidence that in the gambling industry, the quality of the services provided comes first. Thanks to its extensive experience spanning more than 30 years, the world-famous management company Storm International continues to keep up with the times, continuing to implement its new gambling projects.

The beginning of summer 2023 was marked by a bright and significant event in the life of the legendary brand, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO. In the Georgian resort city of Batumi, which has long been widely known among fans of gambling, the grand opening of the new diamond of the Storm International gambling empire – the Shangri La Batumi casino – took place. You won’t have to look for a long time for a new gambling establishment. It is enough to come to the 5-star popular Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Batumi Hotel – and you are already at arm’s length from the new gambling house of the Shangri La brand, harmoniously located in this hotel.

What does Shangri La Batumi offer its guests? At your service, there are 136 thematic slot machines of the latest generation and 28 gaming tables. It is worth noting that this is a record for the resort city because, in other Batumi casinos, there are fewer gaming tables than here. Culinary masterpieces await gourmets here, and the highlight of the establishment is a unique loyalty program and an elite club for VIP clients.

You may ask why the brand paid attention to Batumi. According to the founder of the company, Michael Boettcher, the new casino in Georgia is a continuation of the company’s successful development concept. The brand came here not by chance; the company has very high hopes for the rapidly growing gambling market in Georgia in general and Batumi in particular. It is no coincidence that for several years now all fans of gambling from different countries of the world have been calling Batumi the real Black Sea Las Vegas. Tourists from Turkey, Israel, the Middle East, CIS countries, and all of Europe are happy to plan their new gaming adventures now in Batumi, purchasing junket tours that are popular today. The Shangri La brand is confident that the number of players flying here can increase significantly. To do this, you just need to expand the capabilities of the local airport. This will increase the number of accepted flights, and therefore the number of new foreign tourists who will want to visit local Las Vegas.

The sky over the gambling country of Shangri La, Darren Keane said, was not always cloudless. Both military aggression and the global pandemic undoubtedly left their mark on the company’s work. The lion’s share of employees were forced to leave their jobs at the company. But the brand survived, coping with all the difficulties with dignity. Thanks to the wise philosophy of the company, as well as the well-coordinated and professional work of the team, the brand is still in the game to this day. Employees who left during the pandemic are happy to return to work for the company. It is also worth noting that the brand has a unique and ongoing staff training school. This always covers all brand needs for existing projects and will be good and reliable support for future ones.

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