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How to Download and Install Dead Target Zombie Game Free on Your Android Device?

If you want to play the best zombie killing game, then you can download the Dead Target Zombie. Now, it is one of the best that has millions of zombies that come like a tsunami. In the meantime, it has many excellent characters and weapons that will help you to win the game.

Dead Target Zombie

The Dead Target Zombie is the file format of the famous and modified version of the game, which is Dead Target Zombie. It is one of the best and most excellent zombie games ever. In this game, you will be able to defend yourself and shoot zombies with various powerful weapons. Now, the storyline of this game is in 2040. In the year after World War III, the overall situation of the country has changed. At the same time, the borders also have been changed as well.

At that time, a corporation named CS Corporation has developed a virus that they injected into the prisoners, which initially turned them into super evil zombies. After that, the zombie apocalypse began. A unique defense team has been hired to clean the mess and kill all the zombies and save everything that they can. It is an excellent story that you will enjoy.

Features of Dead Target Zombie

The Dead Target Zombie MOD offers lots of impressive features that the regular version doesn’t, and those are below.


This game features an extensive number of zombies. At the same time, the zombies will come in many different forms with various killing abilities. Some zombies can be infected with the extreme virus.


In this game, you will see a zombie apocalypse. In addition to that, huge waves of zombies will come like a Tsunami at you.


This game has an extensive number of weapons that come with unique abilities and powers. Its handy weapons are shotgun, rifle, grenade launcher, machine gun, and more.


This game has various achievements. You will be able to rank up and unlock lots of impressive items that will help you to win the game.

Excellent Effects

The best thing about this game is that it has fantastic 3D graphics. At the same time, the effects are also impressive in this game as well.

Unlimited Resources

The MOD version offers unlimited resources like money, gold, etc.

Tips and Tricks for Dead Target Zombie

You can apply the tips and tricks to play this game like a pro.

  • You must use the unlimited resources of this MOD version to get more powerful weapons and health.
  • You must also choose the best gun to kill zombies because the better the gun, the more effective your game will be.

Conclusively, the Dead Target Zombie is available on this site that you can download and start playing this game. It has lots of zombie-killing actions. Besides, it features much more weapons that you can use as well.


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