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Best North Carolina Cities to Settle Down In

North Carolina is one of the oldest states in the country, but it’s often overlooked when people are considering starting a new chapter in their life.  If you want something new and exciting, it’s time to think about moving here!

Why North Carolina?

If you’re considering relocating, this state may not be on the top of your mind, but North Carolina is like paradise.  Not only do you get the full range of seasons, ensuring that you feel each year pass, but you also get the full range of terrains.  From the gorgeous coasts to the Appalachian mountains, and the endless stunning plains that lay between them, this feels like a shrunk-down version of the USA.

North Carolina is also extremely affordable, which is awesome for anyone trying to budget in the quickly changing economic world we’re living in.  No other state offers such affordable living with so much fun and interest in return.

New Bern

If you love bears, small-town feeling cities, and gorgeous riverside views, it’s time to head to New Bern.  The state’s original capital before it burned down, New Bern is a fantastic area that feels like it was made for brunch and shopping.  Those who live here enjoy the beautiful nonstop views, affordable living, and slower lifestyle.  This is an awesome place to raise a family while still having easy access to museums, art galleries, and all the fun you could want.  


This massive city at the heart of North Carolina offers a great mix of art, science, and recreation, for anyone who wants it.  From the long history it holds with civil rights being memorialized all over the city to the fantastic weather year-round and beautiful natural areas, this city will entrance you.  Although it can get humid in the summer, especially since this area is known for its wetlands and bogs, Greensboro houses for rent are worth the price since you’ll never find a place more interesting than this one. 


Why not live somewhere closer to the water, with a lot of interesting history?  Jacksonville may be best-known for the large military base that calls it home, but it’s more than that!  This fantastic city is one of the oldest in the state and is still on the smaller side- as the 14th largest city in North Carolina.  The historical district offers tons to do and see year-round, from ghost walks to summer music afternoons in the parks, and the entire area is incredibly green and nature-forward.  Living here allows you to enjoy the small-city living experience before it vanishes for good.


Known as Hollywood-East because of the massive amounts of media filmed here, Wilmington is a great coastal town that you could never tire of.  The riverwalk allows you to enjoy endless restaurants, shops, and galleries, while the water itself will enable you to explore history through the Battleship North Carolina.  This is an awesome place to live for a life balance unlike any other.

North Carolina Can Be Paradise

If you want to find paradise: you’ll find it in North Carolina.  This beautiful state has something alluring for everyone and guarantees an experience you won’t forget.

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