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The most detailed and easy to understand instructions on how to withdraw B88 money

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Withdrawal of B88 has never stopped being hot on forums and green groups. Because the number of members participating in betting here is extremely large, there are many brothers who do not know how to withdraw money. So, through the following article, we will guide you through the detailed withdrawal steps.

1.What’s special about B88 withdrawal?

Currently on the green market, there are many betting addresses, but B88 has received many compliments about withdrawal transactions. So what’s so special about withdrawing money at this bookie that so many people praise?

Fast speed: When making transactions, users will not have to wait for the system to upload as long as some other bookies. Instead, it only takes 1-3 minutes, including inputting information and waiting for the system to notify.

Integration with many operating systems: When withdrawing B88 money, no matter what operating system players use, they can make transactions easily.

Security: When it comes to B88, bettors will not need to worry about the security of transaction information. With multi-layer security mode system and many warning features. Thereby protecting the system and user accounts absolutely.

2.The simplest and most detailed B88 withdrawal instructions

If you are a newbie and do not know how to make withdrawal transactions. Then bettors can quickly apply the instructions that we share below. This makes the transaction process easier and more convenient.

Step 1: Log in to your account and set up security

To be able to withdraw B88 money, players first need to log in to their betting account at the house’s main homepage. Next, please click the withdraw button in the upper corner of the house interface. Here the system will ask the user to enter a password to continue accessing to protect personal account information.


Step 2: Fill in the withdrawal information B88

After entering the password and accessing the successful dealer’s withdrawal list. Please select the method of withdrawal you want to make the transaction. At this time, a template will appear with blank cells for users to information. Bettors enter the required information, enter the amount to withdraw and press the withdraw button. However, players need to ensure that the amount in the account must meet the minimum amount set by the house.

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Step 3: Wait for the system to notify

When clicking on the B88 withdrawal button, the player needs to wait for the system to send a confirmation via phone number. Sending OTP code to ensure security and confirm that you are doing the transaction. After entering the confirmation code, you can check your account.

3.Terms to be able to withdraw money at the house B88

In the process of playing the game, there are many brothers who already have a betting account at the B88 house. However, for some reason, I still can’t participate in withdrawing the bonus to my account. Therefore, in order to limit this transaction error problem, let’s master the following terms when participating in B88 withdrawal.

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First, the withdrawal time will be from 0:00 – 23:50 every day.

You can only make a maximum of 3 withdrawals per day. Time to complete these payment transactions will be from 3 minutes – 2 hours.

The minimum amount of bonus to be withdrawn is 50k and maximum is not more than 30 million.

If there are frequent errors or slow payment transactions, please contact the customer service team directly for more details.

4.Some important notes when withdrawing B88

In addition to remembering the steps to withdraw money at the B88 house, players also need to pay attention to some more issues as follows.

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In case a bettor makes a transaction in the form of a bank, a quick link can be set up to reduce the operation time later. You just need to click on add bank, select the bank name and enter the information related to the bank account.

To be able to withdraw B88, bettors need to complete all rounds of betting and ensure the amount of bets according to the house’s regulations.

The withdrawal information needs to match the account registration data of the bookie. If there is a difference, the user cannot make a transaction and is easily mistaken by the system to a fake account.

So players have just finished learning the details of the steps to withdraw B88 money. As well as some notes that bettors need to remember when making money transfers. Wish you will smoothly withdraw money to one hand and without any problems.

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